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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions - Royalties

Frequently Asked Questions - Technical

Frequently Asked Questions - Royalties

Q: When will I receive my check?

A: Checks are mailed on or before your contractual or license due dates. For quarterly recipients, checks are mailed 45 days following the end of a quarter. The quarterly cycle is as follows: February 15th, May 15th, August 15th, and November 15th. Semi-annual payment terms vary per contract and are mailed up to 100 days following the semi-annual period. (Back to Top)

Q: My statement looks like I have a royalty payable, but I did not receive a check and it is past my due date. Why?

A: There can be several reasons, the most common are:

  1. CCMG does not have a current address on file.
  2. CCMG does not have a federal tax ID # or social security # for your account and need a W-9.
  3. Prior quarter negative payables or adjustments may offset current earnings.
  4. CCMG does not cut checks until the amount due is over $10.00; for foreign recipients the minimum is $100.00. (Back to Top)
Q: Can payment be made electronically?

A: CCMG prefers royalty payment via direct deposit (US recipients) or wire transfer (non-US recipients). Please fill out the appropriate form and return to (Back to Top)

Q: When I select a statement period, I do not see a listing of all my royalty accounts?

A: Go to the “Account” tab and select “Manage Participant Vendors Linked to My Account”. You will see a listing of all participants where a valid vendor/PIN combination has been entered. Please check the vendor # and PIN # combination that you entered. Sometimes the letter “O” is mistaken for the number “0”, the number “1” for the letter “I”. Some accounts may not have earnings for a given period. (Back to Top)

Q: Can I get my statement in another electronic format besides PDF?

A: We currently cannot provide a different format, but this feature is on the schedule to provide in the future. (Back to Top)

Q: How does CCMG report reserves?

A: It depends on the following:

  • Artist/Producer:Reserves and releases are calculated per contract and are applied to your royalty payable on your statements as a separate invoice on your check. 'RS' invoices are reserves held and 'RL' invoices are reserves released.
  • Writer/Publisher:Reserves and releases are defaulted to a 35% reserve held on physical product sales and released after three quarters. Reserves are not taken on publishing license revenue received by third parties. Reserves are calculated on a song by song basis and are included in net earnings amount by participant. (Back to Top)
Q: I have selected the “view statement” tab, but no statements show up?

A: There is a possibility that your internet browser is blocking pop-ups. Check your browser settings to always allow pop-ups from this site. (Back to Top)

Q: How do I change my address for royalties?

A: Please send all address and/or administration changes to (Back to Top)

Frequently Asked Questions - Technical

Q: I am running Safari on a MAC. How do I disable my popup-blocker?

A: Do the following:

  1. Open the Safari web browser.
  2. Click on Safari menu in the upper-left hand corner of the screen.
  3. You can then toggle the popup blocker on or off by checking (or un-checking) Block Pop-up Windows. (Back to Top)

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Frequently Asked Questions is the main vehicle for delivering electronic royalty statements from CCMG. Undoubtedly there are, and will be, many questions from our artist community wanting to track their royalty money.